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You'll see "Script Error" all over the web if you look in the right plaes. –Amalgovinus Aug 24 '12 at 21:52 2 Uh, no. This behavior is intentional. Without the error object, there is no stack trace property. If you're logged in, the error might be 'Welcome Fred...' is undefined, whereas if you're not it might be 'Please Login ...' is undefined. check over here

for the love of god, anyone reading this, please make your error messages explain exactly what went wrong! The fix: CORS attributes and headers In order to get visibility into errors thrown from scripts originating from different origins, you must do two things. 1) Add a crossorigin=”anonymous” script attribute I called CORSET and you can see it here how it works. At the moment, we filter out the exceptions for iOS Safari and older Androids by checking if the error message is equal to “Script error.”.

Javascript Script Error Message

Chrome 32.0.1700.76 (for desktop) returns all five parameters Chrome for Android (version 32) returns all five parameters Safari for iOS (6 and 7) returns the first three parameters (here is the Blog Archive ► 2015 (1) ► February (1) ► 2014 (8) ► November (1) ► October (1) ► September (1) ► August (1) ► June (2) ► March (1) ► January This means that no potentially user-identifying information like cookies or HTTP credentials will be transmitted by the browser to the server when requesting this file. 2) Add a Cross Origin HTTP

However by using arguments.callee.caller you can get a stacktrace. It’s painful because even though there’s an error occurring, you don’t know what the error is, nor from which code it’s originating. Probably more than you think TRY RAYGUN AND FIND OUT! Script Onerror It's most likely caused by something like this where the script itself is the file it can't load, hence the error occurring on line 0. share|improve this answer

As of 2014-01-18 the results were: Firefox 26.0 returns the first three parameters (hopefully this will be implemented soon) Internet Explorer 10 will return a column number but no error object. Script Error Line 0 Char 0 Code 0 Here’s an example of the Error object’s stack property in Chrome 46: "Error: foobar\n at new bar (:241:11)\n at foo (:245:5)\n at :250:5\n at :251:3\n at :267:4\n at callFunction (:229:33)\n at Who's affected? If evilsite.com does this for the top 20 or so bank institutions, they'd have a pretty good idea of which banking sites you visit, and enables it to target you with

Of course if you just don’t care, you should ignore them and reduce the noise. Script Crossorigin We decided to use window.onerror which is a DOM event handler that acts like a global try..catch. The Problem Script error. "Script error" is what browsers send to the onerror callback when an error originates from a JavaScript file served from a different origin (different domain, port, or This is my approach: - Intercept Ajax execution, if exists any exception save the log with the navigation graph and reset the flow. - Listen window.onerror event to tracking issue with

Script Error Line 0 Char 0 Code 0

One of by biggest offenders is "Script Error." on line 0. And this is just IE 11 vs Chrome – other browsers similar have varying formats and detail. Javascript Script Error Message For example, here’s the same stack trace from Internet Explorer 11: Error: foobar at bar (Unknown script code:2:5) at foo (Unknown script code:6:5) at Anonymous function (Unknown script code:11:5) at Anonymous Qunit Script Error. Source 0 How do I fix the "Script error." ?

This stack property tells you at what source location each frame of the program was when the error occurred. http://rsmasters.net/script-error/javascript-script-error.html errorMsg : "null" , stack = errStack ? Server Client Example Setup HTML CDN JS "Script error." demo without CORS Actual JS Error with CORS enabled Related articles on web Background The "Script error." happens in Firefox, Safari, and It'll show you the error (I only changed that insteal of reporting to the server, it writes it on the page). Addeventlistener Error

Is the line really 0 or just undefined? You can make it easier by creating a generic wrapper utility function: function wrapErrors(fn) { // don't wrap function more than once if Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Cryptic “Script Error.” reported in Javascript in Chrome and Firefox up vote 144 down vote favorite 52 I have a script that this content The way we handle our JavaScript exceptions is to: catch the exception.

Ravikiran Janardhana Oct 14, 2014, 12:13 AM Comments This tech post is related to a nagging JavaScript error that I debugged almost a year ago. Safari Script Virus Probably not – if you can easily change your HTML and specify CORS headers on your CDNs, it is preferable to do so and stick to window.onerror. You listen to the onerror event by assigning a function to window.onerror: window.onerror = function (msg, url, lineNo, TRY RAYGUN FREE {errorception} blog Sunday, 15 April 2012 "Script Error" on line 0 Update: Cross-domain error reporting is improving.

For example, if I include jQuery from google's cdn and use it to manipulate a non existent element on my page, I get an onerror that points to google's CDN. x is undefined url: document.location.href, stack: ex.stack // stacktrace string; remember, different per-browser! }; $ ...