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EQQX356 403 The internal predecessor block contains invalid characters. EQQX385 854 The Field application ID contains either invalid DBCS characters, that is, out of th e range X'41'- X'FE', or an odd number of blanks (X'40'), in the trailing part EQQX396 507 More than 100 external predecessors were specified. SYSOUT IEF285I UK00164.BILLING.JOB02065.D0000103.?

TechNet Products Products Windows Windows Server System Center Browser   Office Office 365 Exchange Server   SQL Server SharePoint Products Skype for Business See all products » IT Resources Resources Evaluation It used 0.10 CPU seconds and 0.71 megabytes of allocated storage. End of Fault Analyzer report (2011/12/15 20:30:38). ******************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ******************************** Select all Open EQQX320 109 The offset to the first run cycle is incompatible with the number of run cycles. To provide feedback about the types of information that would help you resolve this error, please contact the DPM Documentation Team.

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EQQX505 863 Unpaired shift-out or shift-in characters in group defintion. Most errors on your machine are caused by uninstalling programs, installing new ones and accidentally deleting important files. It must be either blank or N. Now my PC is much faster and more importantly I have stopped seeing this error!

EQQX301 003 The application ID is invalid. Details Product Data Protection Manager ID 836 Source Version 3.0 Symbolic Name Message The DPM repair failed. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. Generated Wed, 19 Oct 2016 18:51:16 GMT by s_wx1157 (squid/3.5.20)

EQQX360 503 The transport time for the external predecessor is invalid. The ARS record is now closed and the response from DLm Engineering is that this function is unsupported on a R/O file system and, in order to do something like this EQQX415 323 Number of parallel servers must be 1 for an operation on a computer workstation. EQQX326 114 The owner ID contains lower case characters.

EQQX410 815 The variable section of the calendar description record contains invalid characters. Please help the Support site team improve this answer by entering your suggestion or request: Submit Thank you for your comments! Submit Still need help? It is required for all requests except for the AD D OCCURRENCE request. 831 The workstation name is invalid. 832 The workstation reporting attribute is invalid. 835 The interval to Modify A...........| +0020 1A2812C8 00000000 00000000 1A309C58 1A309D20 1A309D2C 1A2818F4 00000000 00000000 |.......................4........| Storage around GPR8 (09B44DF4) -0020 09B44DD4 5070503C D207D218 40E058F0 425C05EF 98ECD41C 07FE90E6 D298908C D2BC0580 |&.&.K.K. ..0.*..q.M....WKq..K...|

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EQQX319 108 The number of run cycles is invalid. EQQX382 852 The DBCS part of the field application ID is blank. Jcl Error Codes List However, your request for more information has been recorded, and additional information might be added to this topic at a future date. Iefc452i we know that and its not important. 2.

EQQX374 710 A job setup operation has no processor successor with the same job name. EQQX361 505 The external predecessor block contains invalid characters. EQQX404 809 The size of the calendar description is too short to hold the number of weekday/date days indicated in the common section of the record. EQQX359 502 The operation number for the external predecessor is invalid.

EQQX419 400 The workstation name for the internal predecessor is invalid. Please try the request again. EQQX333 1015 The application IDs are different. Reason code Meaning (reason for failure) Related message 000 The record size exceeds the maximum record size for the application description data base.

It is required in an external dependency request. 886 The dependency input arrival time is not a valid time or is missing. If this zip is correct, visit cablemover.com or call 1-866-270-9466 to find the provider serving your area. The format is DBCS. 885 The dependency input arrival date is not a valid date or is missing.

EQQX379 457 The required application does not contain an operation on the specified workstation.

EQQL510 1040 The input arrival time is later than the deadline. The problem is I don't even know which file exactly should I enter in //PARMS DD DISP=SHR,DSN=THE.FILE.NAME What this should do is, the JCL should call a function called Billing, EQQX416 800 The calendar record exceeds the maximum record size for the calendar description rec ord, or has a shorter than minimum size. If you've just created the dataset whose name is in the PARMS DD statement in the JCL, make sure that the data within it is of exactly the correct format.

EQQA511 119 Group definition cannot belong to another group. I thought that might have caused the error so I removed it and got the following ****** ***************************** Top of Data ****************************** ==MSG> -Warning- The UNDO command is not available until The following table lists the reason codes that can appear in message EQQG005E or EQQ0170W. EQQX387 1018 The application ID is invalid.

EQQX306 012 The offset to the next run cycle in the record is invalid. EQQX316 805 The time for the last update is invalid or missing in the calendar description recor d. EQQX318 107 The value specified in the number of operations field is invalid. Fortunately, the vast majority of these possible problems are unusual.

EQQX386 874 The Field owner ID contains either invalid DBCS characters, that is, out of the rang e X'41'- X'FE', or an odd number of blanks (X'40'), in the trailing part EQQX322 110 The offset to the first operation is invalid. [ Bottom of Page | Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | Index ] Reason Codes This chapter provides details of the reason codes that can appear in messages EQQFAxx, EQQX338 303 The duration time of the operation is invalid.

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c.. ..............! ..| +0000 1A25799C 5D40C00C 50408358 45E0922E 5820A064 8E200020 58408358 8E400020 1B241F35 |) ..& c...k.......... EQQX348 313 The workstation resource 2 usage is invalid. Locate partners—or learn about becoming one.Find EMC PartnersEMC Business Partner ProgramBecome an EMC ResellerPartner CommunityPartner PortalRSA PartnersDell PartnerDirectContact UsPartner with EMC today.Live ChatContact SalesCall 1-866-438-3622Call 1-866-438-3622Company InformationKeep up with the news, Show: Inherited Protected Print Export (0) Print Export (0) Share IN THIS ARTICLE Manage Your Profile | Site Feedback Site Feedback x Tell us about your experience...

EQQX349 315 The number of internal predecessors is invalid; it is not compatible with the a ctual number of predecessors in the record. EQQX411 835 The date and time specified in a request to modify an interval of a current plan workstation is not the start of an interval. All sorted now. stop telling us how you submitted the job, and how you navigated around sdsf ...

EQQX423 1033 The predecessor input arrival time is missing.