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Java Sql Error Code List


No parameters can be set. 42X64 In the Properties list, the invalid value '' was specified for the useStatistics property. The operand of NOT must evaluate to TRUE, FALSE, or UNKNOWN. 42X41 In the Properties clause of a FROM list, the property '' is not valid (the property was being set XJ076 The position argument '' exceeds the size of the BLOB/CLOB. Action: Inspect the internal exception and check the Java manuals. his comment is here

XCL10 A PreparedStatement has been recompiled and the parameters have changed. Class 57: DRDA Network Protocol: Execution Failure SQLSTATE Message Text 57017 There is no available conversion for the source code page, , to the target code page, . Error code: 89 SECURITY_WHILE_INITIALIZING_COPY_POLICY Cause: The clone method with no arguments is not accessible. Class 21: Cardinality Violation SQLSTATE Message Text 21000 Scalar subquery is only allowed to return a single row.

Java Sqlexception Error Codes Oracle

XCXE0 You are trying to do an operation that uses the territory of the database, but the database does not have a territory. Error code: 162 INVALID_SET_PARAMETER_TYPE_FOR_PROXY_ INDIRECTION Cause: The parameter for the set method is incorrect for the indirection type. Post Reply Bookmark Topic Watch Topic New Topic Similar Threads The best way to catch Oracle exceptions ActionError vs.

  • Error code: 113 NULL_POINTER_WHILE_CONSTRUCTOR_INSTANTIATION Cause: Inaccessible constructor.
  • In addition to the information provided by SQLException, SQLClientInfoException provides a list of client information properties that were not set. « Previous • Trail • Next » Your use of this
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  • It may be that the field exists, but it is not public, or that the class does not exist or is not public. 42X69 It is not allowed to reference a
  • The connection has been terminated. 58009 Network protocol exception: DSS chained with same id at end of same id chain parse.
  • In direct collection mapping and many to many mapping the target table and relational table are populated at the end of the commit process and if data modification event is sent
  • Cause: Java is throwing reflection.
  • Please make sure that backup copy is the correct one and it is not corrupted.
  • Error code: 1028 Error writing Cause: Could not write into the file.

This exception is thrown when TopLink tries to invoke the event method using Java reflection. Error code: 164 INVALID_AMENDMENT_METHOD Cause: The amendment method provided is invalid, not public, or cannot be found. The value in the index is '', while the value in the base table is ''. How To Handle Database Exceptions In Java Try using/TOC=h25.

Action: Check the documentation for valid mapping operations. Sqlexception Error Codes List Error code: 17 ILLEGAL_ACCESS_WHILE_GETTING_VALUE_THRU_ METHOD_ACCESSOR Cause: Trying to invoke inaccessible on the object . When the SELECT list contains at least one aggregate then all entries must be valid aggregate expressions. 42Y30 The SELECT list of a grouped query contains at least one invalid expression. X0X81 '' does not exist.

Action: Check the qualified field names specified in the mappings and descriptor, if these fields are qualified with the table name then those fields should have right table. How To Get Error Code From Exception In Java It must be a BOOLEAN expression. 42X23 Cursor is not updatable. 42X25 The '' function is not allowed on the '<1>' type. 42X26 The class '' for column '' does The error is purely Java exception and TopLink only wraps the reflection exception. The only valid types for identity columns are BIGINT, INT and SMALLINT. 42Z23 Attempt to modify an identity column ''. 42Z24 Overflow occurred in identity value for column '' in table

Sqlexception Error Codes List

TopLink only wraps the Java exception. Error code: 26 ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_WHILE_GETTING_VALUE_ THRU_INSTANCE_VARIABLE_ACCESSOR Cause: Trying to get a value for an instance variable of type from the object. Java Sqlexception Error Codes Oracle Class X0: Execution exceptions SQLSTATE Message Text X0A00 The select list mentions column '' twice. Sql Exception Handling In Java Error code: 114 NULL_POINTER_WHILE_METHOD_INSTANTIATION Cause: Problem in creating new instance creation method is not accessible.

Error code: 163 INCORRECT_COLLECTION_POLICY Cause: The container policy is invalid for the collection type. this content Action: Inspect the internal exception and check the Java manuals. Parameters: reason - a description of the exception SQLState - an XOPEN code identifying the exception SQLException public SQLException(String reason) Construct an SQLException with a reason; SQLState defaults to null and Error code: 140 PARAMETER_AND_MAPPING_WITH_TRANSPARENT_ INDIRECTION_MISMATCH Cause: The set method parameter type for the attribute TOC=h2-"1007955"2 is not declared as a super-type of TOC=h2-"1007955"1, but the mapping is using transparent indirection. Sqlexception In Java

XJ015 Derby system shutdown. Each token has a related public method on TopLink. Action: Contact Technical Support. http://rsmasters.net/error-code/ir3300-canon-error-codes-list.html Browse other questions tagged mysql jdbc sqlexception or ask your own question.

XCL20 Catalogs at version level '' cannot be upgraded to version level ''. Getsqlstate Is foreign stock considered more risky than local stock and why? The exception can occur at the time of developing TopLink.

TopLink only wraps that exception.

Error code: 142 TABLE_IS_NOT_PRESENT_IN_DATABASE Cause: TOC=h2-"1007955"0 is not present in the database. The upgraded database is now ready for use. The only valid values are TRUE or FALSE. 42X65 Index '' does not exist. 42X66 Column name '' appears more than once in the CREATE INDEX statement. 42X68 No field '' Sqlstate Codes This can happen if the class is not public. 42X28 Delete table '' is not target of cursor ''. 42X29 Update table '' is not the target of cursor ''. 42X30

Error code: 133 SET_METHOD_PARAMETER_TYPE_NOT_VALID Cause: The set method parameter type for the attribute TOC=h2-"1007955"7 should be declared as type Vector (or a type that implements Map or Collection, if using Java2). Error code: 72 NULL_POINTER_WHILE_SETTING_VALUE_THRU_ METHOD_ACCESSOR Cause: Null Pointer Exception is thrown while setting value through method in the object with argument . Suggestions? check over here XBM07 Startup failed.

XBM0H Directory cannot be created. XJ094 This object is already closed.