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Dmitry Arefiev Posts: 1,156 Registered: 12/7/03 Re: How to display Informix ISAM error code Reply Posted: Jan 4, 2016 10:06 PM in response to: Paulo Mariano http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Seattle/en/Handling_Errors_%28FireDAC%29 Another user request has locked the record that you requested or the file (table) that contains it. It appears that DBVis is only showing the Error Code. User Error – Cannot add duplicate keys. 101 An attempt to perform an action without opening first. have a peek at this web-site

Porque é o erro ISAM habitual quando temos um -243, -244 ou -245... The simplest way to handlethis error is to use the statement SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT. Each call to an ISAM function sets the values of two global variables, and possibly a third: isam_err - contains the error code value.isam_fil - contains the data or index file A hardware error might have occurred, or the table or index might have been corrupted (truncated).

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The primary key cannot be deleted by the isdelindex call. 110 EENDFILE Action: The beginning or end of file was reached. 111 ENOREC Action: No record could be found that contained Now that we passed that phase, what does -111 means in this context? Thank you again. Unless the ISAM error code or an operating-system message points to another cause, run the oncheck utility (secheck with IBM Informix SE or tbcheck with IBM Informix OnLine) to check and

roles are not unfolded Install4j: Java(Tm) VM could not be started Worksheet name default when exporting to Excel? For bulkupdates, see the LOCK TABLE statement and the EXCLUSIVE clause of theDATABASE statement. For SQL programs, review the program logic and make sure that it can handle this case, which is a normal event in multiprogramming systems. Informix Finderr Is there an EFDDBEngineException property that would store this information?

Read 12 Oct 10 - Database Trends and Applications - Informix 11.7: The Beginning of the Next Decade of IBM Informix... 4gl Error Codes Probably no row was found for this query E finalmente a descrição do erro -107 é: -107 ISAM error: record is locked. Check the accompanying ISAM error code for more information. is the first idea that pops to mind.

Read 17 March 10 - ZDNet (blog) David Morgenstern - TCO: New research finds Macs in the enterprise easier, cheaper to manage than... Informix Sqlcode Read 20 Jul 10 - IBM Announcements - IBM Informix Choice Edition V11.50 helps deploy low-cost scalable and reliable solutions for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows... Neither do those opinions reflect those of other individuals affiliated with any entity with which I am affiliated nor those of the entities themselves. Use CISAM utility bcheck. 106 Exclusive Access Open Error.

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I appreciate any comments, corrections and topic sugestions. The database server encountered an error when it attempted to look up a row through an index. Informix Sql Error Codes e poderia adicionar "Pare de usar bases de dados sem logging!" Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Posted by Fernando Nunes at 1:39 AM Labels: database, informix, logging, Forms Statement Error Number You have exceeded amount of users. 131 No free disk space.

Operating system errors range from 1 to 99 and C-ISAM errors range from 100 to 199 (although error numbers 154 to 199 are currently not used). 100 EDUPL Action: An attempt Check This Out A duplicate key was attempted to be added. 109 Primary key deletion. In some cases you'd just receive a "no rows found" response. Setting it on the client side will override the setting on the server side. Informix Isam Error

Read 20 May 10 - ebiz - IBM Teams With Hildebrand To Bring Smart Metering To Homes Across Britain... sysiocod - contains the system-level error code.The global variable sysiocod is set to the value of errno when an I/O error occurs. Native error: -268 Error message: [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix] Unique constraint (informix.u364_896) violated. Source You can obtain exclusive access to a table bypassing the ISEXCLLOCK flag to isopen.

Enter your search term here... A resposta é que me estava a escapar uma análise séria dos códigos de erro! Read 8 Jul 11 - Database Trends and Applications - Managing Time Series Data with Informix...

But we implemented support for returning ISAM error code for next RAD Studio version.

  • That's why the error is not -107, but -111 instead.
  • Read 10 February 2010 - The Wall Street Journal - International Business Machines is expanding an initiative to win over students and professors on its products.
  • Contact Technical Support. 112 No current record.


) These messages were displayed in try/except blocks: except on E: Exception do . . . Resolving the problem There is an environment variable IFX_DIRTY_WAIT that is used to define to the number of seconds a DDL statement will wait for existing dirty readers to finish their Read 1 Aug 11 - IBM Data Management Magazine - IIUG user view: Happy 10th anniversary to IBM and Informix... Mas isso não é um processamento inconsistente?".

If this error occurs frequently, ask the database server administrator to adjust the length of the deadlock time-out interval. Make sure that thecorrect index is in use. We have an open ticket to look into this. have a peek here Example: IFX_DIRTY_WAIT= n n is a positive integer representing the number of seconds that your session will wait for a given dirty reader to finish accessing the target table.

Read 2 Feb 12 - developerWorks - Loading data with the IBM Informix TimeSeries Plug-in for Data Studio... The original author name has been removed]Hello, When you get an error message back from Informix, it gives you the Error Code, along with an ISAM error number which further identifies Portanto... Read 9 Mar 11 - DBTA - Database Administration and the Goal of Diminishing Downtime...

But it does accept the SET LOCK MODE WAIT statement, so we would expect it to enforce it... Ifthis amount of time is not enough time, the session returns the same error as it would without the variable being set. Read 3 Oct 12 - The Financial - IBM and TransWorks Collaborate to Help Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Achieve Supply Chain Efficiency... In other situations, where the isolation level would make this impossible, you'd get this -111 error (so that you notice something was wrong).

Uma das diferenças é que não podemos mudar o nível de isolamento numa base de dados sem logging. Must wait until File is unlocked. 114 File name too long. Finderr tells the story, especially the explanation for the ISAM error (-154): $ finderr 243 154 -243 Could not position within a table table-name. C-ISAM: Error Messages Error Code Description Action 100 An attempt to add a duplicate key index.

Pact enables five-city smart meter pilot in Europe... Re: ISAM error: Lock Timeout Expired (views: 4953)Art Kagel -- Monday, 14 September 2009, at 10:42 p.m. [ View Thread ] [ Post Response ] [ Return to Index ] [ Because that's the usual error when you get a -243, -244 or -245... You may be wondering "What?!

Read 20 Sep 10 - planetIDS.com - ITG analyst paper: Cost/Benefit case for IBM Informix as compared to Microsoft SQL Server...